Friday, December 11, 2009


I had tried reading Shantaram - a novel many times. But the sheer size of the book used to put me off. Simply because I could not lug it around. I generally read books, especially novels on my daily train commutes. So carrying this huge book was too much of an effort. I had resigned to the thought that I may never read this book. Till I found this e-book system and vola!!! and the whole joy of reading is back!
Back to Shantaram... I won't get into the matter weather it is fiction or fact. I never concern myself with that. what matters to me in any work of art if it is written /painted /sung/sculpted with spirit/love/infinity whatever you may want to call. One of my friend prefers to call is as honest moment.
This reminds me of the book written by Carlos Castaneda(CC) called The Active side of Infinity.
Don Juan , CC's Yaqui Indian teacher had asked him to maintain a diary of events where he felt the "infinity" had touched his life. He said every apprentice should maintain such a diary to acknowledge the presence of 'Spirit' or 'infinity' that crosses every one's path- he called it as diary of memorable events . I beleive a work like Shantaram is a book of 'memorable events' where author Gregory David Roberts pens his experiences of ' infinity' in life. I would like to call these events Shantaram momets, rather than 'active side of infinity' or 'diary of memorable events' which sounds too abstract and so heavy.
I have had many of my Shantaram moments....

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