Thursday, February 11, 2010

Myth of Adam

This part of the creation of myth is never written or told.

Once upon a time God was alone in this universe and he thought why not create a world. So he made this beautiful earth and populated with many animate and inanimate objects. But he was still missing something and then he thought I will create a perfect being. Who will keep me busy and amused. So he created a woman and called her Eve. Eve truly kept God amused with her curiosities and questions and her playful pranks.

She lived alone in the garden of Eden, and passed her days. As she grew she felt she needs a companion besides animals who were her friends. She needed a mate who could think and talk like her. So she went to God and said, "God you made me to amuse yourself. but I am bored and lonely on this beautiful planet . So why don't you make a companion for me"

God thought for a while and said, "Sure, I am the God of the universe and I have ultimate three qualities. I create. I preserve. I destroy. I will make a male companion for you. And since he will be my replica he too can have only three qualities, as you like. " So God made a man and called him Adam.

Eve was very happy. She took him to Eden . Now she could talk to him play with him and even argue with him. But soon she returned to God and said " God you made Adam, tall, handsome and beautiful but he is dumb! So I don't mind if he is not so tall, but make him intelligent " Pleaded Eve. God agreed and made Adam short but intelligent. Thinking now Eve would be happy. But Eve soon returned to God and asked to change beauty with braveness. God did as she asked. But Eve came again and changed Adam's handsome-ness to loving nature. And she kept coming again and again asking God to change some qualities in Adam.

Finally, one day Eve stopped coming to God. So God became curious and asked her " Eve, are you happy with the Adam now? And what do you think are those three qualities of a your perfect mate?" Eve looked at the God and said" God, I am happy with Adam, because I chose him to be kind, creative and wise being. And to answer your second question ,whether I have a perfect mate? No. I don't have a perfect mate because I realized since you made man in your own image he can not be perfect. So I live with Adam what I think is best for me"

Rest of the story is history.....

Moral of the story: GOD DOES NOT MAKE A PERFECT MAN!

Disclaimer: The story is just a "myth" and does not intend to hurt any body through gender bias

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  1. Finally, that is a genesis story retold by you. Happy that you have decided to come out of the closet, at least in the form of acknowledging your role in this blog as an author and giving a picture of yours in the profile page.

    I, for sure, feel that this is a declaration of your independence from your own self and the chosen life of yours. Great. Welcome to the abode of free souls.

    I would like to quote a Bob Marley song here: 'In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty, oh what a rat race... it is the human race..'