Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear ManMohan...

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Dear Man Mohan,

I was planning to call on you for a while but thought you may be busy at this moment. So shooting this note. I am sure you will find lots of time to read when ever you are through with current situation that you are in. Don't worry, as I always tell you always think like a Zen monk, when you face with a problem.

Of late I am troubled by some problems on my mind.
And I wonder, are you thinking what I am thinking ?
I think we are so alike, so our problems too may be similar

let me put it this way:

You are a citizen of India , I am also a citizen of India.

You are an honest man, I am an honest woman

I pay my taxes , you too pay your taxes.

You like economics, I too like your economics.

You are your doing your job honestly, I am also doing my job honestly.

You say I am not corrupt, I also say you are not corrupt.

You say you ignore those who are corrupt, I too do the same

You say corruption is the biggest cancer of this society, I too agree.

You say corruption has to go if India has to grow at9% GDP. I too believe that

corruptions has to go if we have to progress.

You are saying you are doing your best to bring a law to stop corruption in country ,

I too believe that a law is needed to bring corrupt to justice.

you say you are helpless at the moment becasue your cabinet does not agree with you.

I too beleive you are helpless becasue the party and cabinet is not with you on this matter.

You say Anna has made your life miserable. I do agree with you.

I say I Don't understand Anna, you too say do not understand him

I came to know about Anna only a year back. You too say you heard of him just a year


I say Anna must be an honest man fighting an honest cause, you agree.

I say Anna has mass power behind him, You agree.

I say Anna says he wants to wipe out corruption and your government is corrupt, you You agree, only second part.

You say corruption can not be wiped out, I agree.

But you say Anna has made your life hell. I say I agree.

I say if I want corruption to end, you want corruption to end and Anna wants

corruption to end, so we all agree. You say yes.

See! we agree on most of the issues.

So what is the problem Man Mohan? we are so alike

Let me put a simple equation equation.

I am(like) Anna.
You are(like) Anna
so we are all Anna-s.



Let us not a make mistake here.

I am not Anna.
And so you are not.
We are not Annas
Anna is not Gandhi
Anna is not even India

in fact

Like British made Gandhi. Isn't your government and people like me created Anna?
Just imagine, if British had not exploited this country for centuries, Gandhi would not have thought of freedom movement. He would have happily practiced law. And if your government had not been so corrupt and people like me had not paid the bribes to your government, Anna would have lived happily in his one room in the temple in his village Ralegaon Siddhi.

Dear Manmohan are you thinking, what I am thinking?
Dear Manmohan,are you seeing, what I am seeing ?
Dear Manmohan are you fearing , what I fear ?

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