Thursday, September 8, 2011

am i missing something today?

am i looking for something?
everything looks normal
rains, pot holed roads, bomb blasts,
crying faces, casual comments,
headline, deadlines

everything is fine..
i have logged my words for today
posted my opinion
to stay alive, to stay awake
just in case
if you decide to look for me

am i forgetting something today?

memories are getting vivid
sounds are getting cacophonic
fade in fade out
i am not sure of the date , time or day...
but i know this place
don't I?

i can feel people around
words have turned into sounds
sounds are becoming sights
sights have transformed into colours
colours are becoming smells
wounds have a strange lingering taste

don't get me wrong
this not a sad song

i feel no pain
i feel no anger
i feel no loss
i feel safe now

let me assure you again
everything is fine...
everything will be fine

only this small nagging feeling
am I missing something today?

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