Monday, February 20, 2012

Forbidden world

There are some worlds you should not tread
There are some words you should not utter
There are some sounds you should not hear
There are some sights you should not see
There are some waters you should not drink
There are some foods you should not taste
There are some smells you should not inhale

But if you turn around for some reason
you will find me.
In the world,
forbidden by people.
feared, abused and forsaken
Trying hard to forget.
seeking oblivion of known
Pandora! Pandora!! they scream

Trust me I am as magical as you are
I am as humane as you are
and I am as knowledgeable you are.
still you fear me
fears you created and believed.
The longing never ceased
Magic , mystery for the Unknown
world I inhibit.

But if you turn around and see
you will see me once again
There is no Evil as they tell you
There are no Gods to believe in
there is no saviors out to suffer thy sins
there are no woman out to seduce
Diseases, hells, demons
as they write , paint and sing
And if you believed it all
You lived a lie

I am just a mirror you refuse to see
I am neither your ally nor a foe
And if you still think I am your nemesis
why not turn around and see