Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mango People and their Banana Republic

Sometime dolts too utter wise words which become quotable quotes. 'Mango people in Banana republic' one such quote which will remain in public memory for very long time. People might forget the person who said these words but these 'prophetic' words will haunt Indian public for very long time. India is a banana republic. And you don't need a Nobel Prize winner to say it so , even a dolt can see it.

Let me explain to those who may not know the context behind these words. These 'famous words are uttered by Robert Vadra, the famous son in law of the famous first family of India . The Nehru- Gandhi family who is ruling India by virtue of their name, fame, wealth and bully power. When Mango man ( aam admi = common man = Mr. Kejriwal) alleged that a humble businessman like Mr. Vadra has amassed un-humbling wealth in a short period and through dubious means , Mr. Robert Vadra's repartee came with these famous lines for Mr. Kejriwal; an activist who is trying to dig corruption karmas of the politicians of this nation.

Now forget Vadra. And look at his words. Mango man in banana republic. Mango man is a simple literal translation of hindi word aam admi . Funny. But Banana republic alludes to India. And thats not funny for many patriotic Indians. Wikipedia defines banana republic as “in practice, a banana republic is a country operated for commercial enterprise for private profit, effected by the collusion between the State and favoured monopolies, whereby the profits derived from private exploitation of public lands is private property, and the debts incurred are public responsibility. Such an imbalanced economy reduces the national currency to devalued paper-money, hence, the country is ineligible for international development-credit, and remains limited by the uneven economic development of town and country. Kleptocracy, government by thieves, features influential government employees exploiting their posts for personal gain (embezzlement, fraud, bribery, etc.), with the resultant government budget deficit repaid by the native working people who earn money, rather than make money. Because of foreign (corporate) manipulation, the kleptocratic government is unaccountable to its nation, the country's private sector–public sector corruption operates the banana republic, thus, the national legislature usually are for sale, and function mostly as ceremonial government."

Going by this definition can anyone who lives in India, follows Indian politics and reads/watches Indian news channel will disagree with Vadra that India is not a banana republic?. Scams like 2G, 3G, CWG, Coalgate, Vadragate, Khurshidgate (and god knows how many scams and gates are going to hit the news line if you believe  Kejriwal's word ) is not enough proof that India befits the definition of banana republic? So why are Indians getting so irked about Vadra's words? Man is simply calling spade a spade.

If such an evidence does not convince you then look out the quotes our esteemed leader appeared in media recently.

RS 71L is small change for a minister to loot. ( if it was 71 crore we would have believed the news ) India's steel minister.

Public has short memory. Look how public has forgotten Bofors scam. This scam to will be forgotten : India's Home minister referring to Coalgate

Girls should be married at the age 16 so that gang rapes can be avoided. Haryana minister after reporting 22 rape case in the state in a month.

Most of the rape cases is consensual sex gone wrong. Haryana minister on gang of women in state

Mr. Kejriwal should stop barking everyday. India's steel minister

Earlier if men and women held hands parents would reprimand them. Now everything is done openly. It is like open market with open options. A woman chief minister on rise of rape case in West Bengal.

These are few samples of wisdom of the leaders Indians have chosen to rule, to govern a nation of billions, legislate laws that will protect people and enhance the quality of life in largest democracy of world. What do you expect to get from these people? Banana Republic!

This is a country where public money is looted openly. Corrupt is never punished. ( In sixty four years of independence not a single politician has been convicted for corruption). Law never takes its course. Honest public servants are harassed by constantly transferring them for doing their duty.

Poor are cheated by taxing them highly and rich are dolled with freebees. Justice is delayed and denied for poor and scuttled in case of rich. If a politician is found guilty he is rewarded by more positions. This country takes pride in malnutrition, Lowest birth rate. Poor health care. Poor hygiene. Corruption in every field of life. Crime against women. Name it and India will proudly tell you yes we practice that malpractice.

Mr. Robert Vadra, I applaud your courage for saying it so loudly and clearly, today India has become a Banana Republic and we are the mango people...



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